Pros and Cons of Accepting a Conditional Offer

Sunday Feb 18th, 2024


Imagine you’ve listed your home and get a fantastic offer. The price is VERY good. The buyers have attached a hefty deposit and a pre-approved mortgage certificate. The only drawback? There is a condition. The buyers want to sell their home before the offer to buy yours becomes firm.

Hmm. Should you accept that offer? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


• A Bird in the Hand. While a conditional offer comes with a string attached, it still means a buyer is keenly interested in your property.

 • Room for Negotiation. You might be able to negotiate a compromise. For example, accept the condition but with a more favourable (to you) closing date.

• Slower Market. What are the chances another buyer will offer you the same price? In a slower market, it might be worth accepting the conditional offer — particularly if the risk of the deal falling through is low.


• Potential delays. There’s always at least some risk that the condition won’t be met, which means the sale won’t go through.

• Missed opportunities: While waiting for a condition to be met, other potential buyers may move on.

Deciding how to handle a conditional offer can be tricky. I can help you make the right decisions when you sell. Call me today!  905-842-7000

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